Whangarei Agriculture & Pastoral Society


Whangarei A&P Society is keen to help you on the pathway to success.

There are scholarship funds and good careers related information available already.  We hope this page will help you find the right education, training, funding and career path.

There are a huge range of careers waiting for you in agriculture and related industries.

But be warned – careers in agriculture are about more than looking after animals and getting up in the wee small hours of the morning in all weather!  You might find a career in a processing plant; tending crops or trees, working in an office or working outdoors in some of the most beautiful landscapes on this planet – or even a combination of these.  There is so much variety.  While sometimes it is physically and mentally demanding, there are also heaps of sophisticated tech ‘toys’ to play with and many jobs in the industry come with added bonuses such as company cars, laptops, smart phones and even houses.

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