Whangarei Agriculture & Pastoral Society

Whangarei A&P Show

When the Country Comes to Town


Brighter and better each year, the Whangarei A&P Show is a highly successful, well established community event that involves a myriad of organizations, trade companies, farmers and equestrian groups. 

Set on the wonderful 64 hectare rural land that is Barge Showgrounds, the Show attracts a balanced mix of urban and rural attendees. 

Suzie Moo will be back again this year, to help young people learn about agriculture and dairying in particular.

With her team of four dairy cows and young calves, the Suzie Moo Show is a half hour educational demonstration that follows the journey of milk production through to cream and butter. The Suzie Moo Show has live displays of cow milking and a chance for the audience to try hand milking.

Sponsored by Fresha Valley Milk, the Suzie Moo Show is part of the Society’s desire to add educational components to the Show and strengthens the Show linkages between town and country.  There are prizes and giveaways during the Suzie Moo Show and participants can try hand-milking a cow at the end of the show.


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